Aloba Family Rejects Mohbad's Autopsy, Calls for International Forensic Experts

Aloba Family Rejects Mohbad's Autopsy, Calls for International Forensic Experts Jun, 19 2024

Aloba Family Rejects Mohbad's Autopsy Result, Calls for Comprehensive and Transparent Investigation

The Aloba family, represented by their legal team, has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the toxicology test results concerning the untimely demise of the beloved singer Mohbad. The family's legal representation, which includes the prominent attorneys Wahab Shittu SAN and Taiwo Odumosu, Esq., has raised grave concerns over the integrity and thoroughness of the investigation carried out by the police and the medical team.

The family's unease primarily centers on the handling of Mohbad's autopsy and toxicology tests. They have challenged the credibility of the procedures, citing inconsistencies and public doubts surrounding the authenticity of the autopsy report. Their apprehensions were further amplified when a US-based laboratory refuted claims by the Lagos State Government that the toxicology tests had been conducted at their facility.

Pathologist Limits on Cause of Death

Adding to the family's distrust is the testimony from the pathologist before the Coroner's Court. The pathologist revealed that an autopsy could not definitively determine Mohbad's cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition of his body. This limitation has led the family to question the reliability of the entire investigation process and the capability of the authorities handling the case.

Call for Independent Re-examination

Driven by a demand for truth and justice, the legal team is advocating for a fresh examination of the toxicology samples by an independent and reputable forensic laboratory. They emphasize the need for transparency throughout this re-examination process and strongly urge the involvement of international forensic experts to ensure the utmost accuracy and impartiality in the findings. The call for a comprehensive review of the testing protocols also underscores their desire to prevent any future procedural errors or contamination.

Criticism of Police Efforts

Compounding their grievances is the family's pointed criticism of the Nigeria Police for what they perceive as insufficient effort in the investigation. They specifically demand the intervention of the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to ensure a more rigorous and thorough investigation. The family's unwavering stance highlights their determination to seek clear and definitive answers regarding Mohbad's cause of death, unwilling to settle for anything less than a meticulously conducted investigation that leaves no room for doubt.

Public Outcry and Demand for Justice

As the investigation continues to unfold, public interest and emotional investment in the case remain high. Mohbad's fans and the wider community are rallying behind the Aloba family, supporting their quest for justice. The demand for a transparent, unbiased investigation resonates not only with those close to Mohbad but also with countless others who see his case as a broader test of the integrity and effectiveness of the justice system.

The family's determination to engage international forensic experts underscores their commitment to ensuring that the investigation meets the highest standards. Their insistence on a meticulous review process aims to restore confidence in the findings and reassure the public that every possible measure is being taken to uncover the truth about Mohbad's tragic death.

The Path Forward

While the road ahead is undoubtedly challenging, the Aloba family's resolve remains unshaken. They continue to press for a re-examination of the toxicology samples and call for greater transparency from investigative authorities. Their pursuit of justice is not only for their own closure but also a significant step toward strengthening the credibility of forensic investigations in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the call for a comprehensive and transparent investigation into Mohbad's death, as voiced by the Aloba family's legal team, reverberates as a plea for justice, accountability, and the upholding of truth. The outcome of this case will likely have profound implications for future investigations, setting a precedent for ensuring that every individual's death is investigated with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.